924 4 cyl Engine
924 Transmission
924 Suspension
924/931 Brakes
924 Electrical
924 Weight Savings
924 Mods to do 1st
Porsche Wheel Offsets
The Contact Patch
924 Performance Mods
Easy mods to get your 924 faster


Performance Gain

What to do 1st

Keep Car in Tune Car will always start and drive! #1! Wife may leave you for Miata
Lighten Car faster, better handling & braking 1 Might not want to remove
Mild Grind Camshaft Excellent Upgrade from Stock 2 Less economy
Port & Polish Head Much Better Flow 3 Removal of Head
Ceramic Coated Header Better use of heat than wrapping 4 -
Audi 5000 Throttle Body Larger throttle for more power 5 Won't effect a stock engine
'77 Ignition Distributor More Final Advance 6 Make sure there is no pinging
Modified Intake System Better path for intake 7 exhaust may pop on deceleration
Smaller Crankshaft Pully A little HP 8 Less charge @ idle
Electromotive DIS What it promises- it delivers 9 NONE!!!!!
Remove unused electrical Less electrical issues Whenever Do it wrong-see dictionary- Bizzzap
Take out Air Conditioning Less weight / Not on pully Whenever 300 degree days-grab a drink
By this time your 924 should weigh in around 2500 lbs with driver & get to 60 mph in the mid 7 second range
12 lb. Fiberglass Hood Easy to pick up to work on car Whenever Lots of $$$
10:1 Forged Pistons MORE POWER After other mods Lots of $$$
Lighten, Balance, Blue-Print MORE POWER Do with 10:1 pistons Lots of $$$
Aluminum Flywheel Rev's up faster After some mod's rev higher to get moving
now your 924 will be lighter yet & get to 60 mph in just under 6 seconds!

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